Pick on someone your own size!

I think we all know my views are subjective when it comes to TTO (the need to faint when he is on the screen is wearing off slightly as i approach 28 but i can still drool like the best!) but I wake up post boxing day to find people calling for him to be dropped from the team! I’m starting to see a pattern between ‘supporters’ and critics alike – Morne plays a blinder and it’s all ‘oooh he’s really backing up Steyn now’ , he has a slightly off game or doesn’t shine like a superstar – ‘off off off!’.

Now I want to point out here that I am fully a supporter of Steyn and this is NOT having a go at him – but didn’t Morne just get 2 more wickets that Steyn this innings? Did he or did he not contribute to getting the team out? Sure his economy rate wasn’t brilliant but if you don’t get the other team out your not going anywhere!

I also think the person that knows fully that it wasn’t his best performance is himself – I don’t think he needs the rest of you telling him! And furthermore I’d put money on the rest of you putting in a performance no where near as professional! The ‘armchair’ supporter syndrome! Isn’t this why they created Football Manager? When you are playing for your country 10 months a year, I’ll listen to your ‘criticism’ unless your a professional with a plastic face or elf ears’ then I’ll just point and laugh!

But hey like Simon Cowell said ‘people are talking about you, your life is more interesting to them than their own, take it, use it, roll with it’ –

but always know that we are behind you no matter what! Keep going, you know your game and we don’t do haters!

And if you want to diss TTO anymore, ill set the vicious ginger cat on you!


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