Gifts in the Post


I’ll be honest I love Christmas so anything that resembles receiving a gift, especially through the post brings out the 10 year old in me excited at opening the Mega Drive that I had ‘no idea’ I was getting that Christmas 😉


So imagine my absolute excitement when Investec Cricket sent me a gorgeous goody bag through the post. It all started when I was invited to a breakfast with Simon Hughes hosted by Investec. This was the first cricketing event I had been invited to outside of Manchester and regrettably even the Pendolino couldn’t get me to London on time. I sent my sincere apologies and was absolutely taken aback when the lovely Sarah offered to send me a goody bag anyway.

So back to the goodies – I know you are dying to know what I was sent:

  1. Investec Gift bag – I absolutely love the Zebra – there was a time people tagged me on facebook when they had their picture taken next to the Investec Zebra – then followed the awkward ‘erm a zebra is not a giraffe’
  2. The Investec Zebra – Finally I got my hands on the Zelfie Zebra! He now sits proudly in the Crickette HQ office alongside the 8ft Ben Stokes (don’t judge me, it was a gift from Cardiff!)
  3. Who wants to be a Batsman? By Simon Hughes – his writing is always a delight to read and I know a few people who need to read this book – grab your own from Amazon now.
  4. An Investec cricket ball – that I have to say has been stolen by Morkel the Cat!
  5. And a lovely hand written note from Sarah

A huge thank you to Investec who have been fantastic sponsors of the Ashes this year – and what a fantastic Test series it was! It was a series I was glad to see at Cardiff and Lords and quite honestly am now kicking myself for not getting ODI tickets!






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