About Us

Welcome to Crickette.net!

We focus our often fizzy wine induced opinions on the game of cricket and mostly the players 😉

We aren’t here to be taken seriously, we  simply live & breathe the game so why not have some fun at the same time?

If you are offended by any of the posts on here we are truly sorry but we are allowed an opinion and by god we will stick to it! Also really? REALLY? we don’t do ‘haters’ so shoo! before your kicked out by our big burley security guard!

A little about us:

Lady Giraffe

Lady G is the founder and editor in chief of Crickette. A HUGE South Aftrica supporter and pioneer of Team TTO (The Tall One – Morne Morkel *sigh*). She has a huge complex about her height and was famously told by Albie Morkel that she drinks too much wine – whoops!  ‘But a girl can never have too much wine’

She is currently in England watching the cricket when the rain stays away with wine glass in hand and all cricket related job offers will be greeted with open arms! Especially those that involve some ‘all expenses paid traveling’!!!

She also homes the Crickette Pet:-

Morkel the cat came to us from a rescue centre with a crooked fang and a sharp smile. He is ginger & extremely fiesty and loves to pass the time attaching his teeth to your clothes. He also has a giraffe fetish – his giraffe toys are talked to, whined at and taken for a walk up and down the stairs – usually during the middle of the night!

You can find out more about Lady G on her portfolio website www.ladygiraffe.co.uk